NMB Secured Black Diamond Visa Credit Card

Looking for a credit card that offers a high credit limit but afraid your past credit problems will get in the way? Has New Millennium Bank have an offer for you! Regardless of what your credit may be, New Millennium Bank will guarantee you approval of their Secured Black Diamond Visa® or MasterCard® Card.

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Don’t You Deserve a Second Chance?

New Millennium Bank (N.M.B.) realizes the tough time many consumers have had in the past few years due to the shaky economy. Consumers that have previously had excellent credit now suffer derogatory credit scores because of financial difficulties often beyond their control. N.M.B. wants to give you a second chance – believes everyone deserves a second chance. The N.M.B. Secured Black Diamond Credit Card can be the perfect “second chance” for you to get the credit you deserve. It’s a great way to re-establish your credit in financial world.

N.M.B. Secured Black Diamond MasterCard® or Visa® Card

The N.M.B. Black Diamond credit card is a secured credit card that comes with a credit limit of up to $5,000, depending on your deposit. The amount of the deposit you make will determine your credit limit. You may wonder why you would need a credit card if you have that kind of cash available. Credit cards are required in many places for many transactions. Believe it or not, there are many places that will not accept cash.

If you have poor credit, you may have difficulty getting approved for a credit card, regardless of how much cash or extra funds you have. The N.M.B. Secured Black Diamond MasterCard® or Visa® Card gives you the opportunity to have a credit card for those times it’s needed and re-build your credit at the same time. N.M.B. reports to 3 major credit bureaus every month so your good payment history will not go unnoticed. By getting two cards from N.M.B., you can increase your credit limit and re-establish your credit twice as fast!

Benefits of the N.M.B. Secured Black Diamond Credit Card

There are many benefits you can expect when you apply for your N.M.B. Secured Black Diamond Credit Card, starting with no credit check. Regardless of your past credit history, you will be approved for this fantastic credit card. Once you get your instant approval, you’ll automatically get a free membership in The World’s Best Travel Club.com, FREE COMPANION AIRFAIR and the following benefits.

· Credit limit up to $10,000
· Monthly reports to 3 Credit Bureaus
· Cash at over 740,000 ATMs
· Auto Rental Insurance
· Emergency Cash Transfer
· Extended Warranty Protection
· $100,000Travel Accident Insurance

New Millennium Bank has an excellent reputation, particularly for helping people get the credit they deserve. Thousands of people, just like you, have been helped by the national secured credit card program New Millennium Bank offers. Whether it’s a MasterCard® or a Visa®, New Millennium has helped these customers get their credit back on track by providing them with the card that will meet their needs.

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